Your red team Ryzen 5000 Resizable BAR, which came into our lives with its processors, started to be supported by other manufacturers.

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as you will remember Nvidia, Come with Resizable BAR support Of the RTX 3060 then the other Ampere It also announced that it will offer support for its models with BIOS patches to be released later this month.

Resizable BAR support is coming for RTX 30

However, there is still no step from the green team. It seems that business partners got the patch in question. So much so that Galax and Gainward for Ampere cards specially designed for China. Resizable BAR supported vBIOS patches for download.

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The card, which has not been verified to work for other cards offered to the global market, seems not digitally signed by Nvidia. Published vehicle vBIOS’u While it is learned that it has modified rather than completely changed, some users outside of China Galax and Gainward production RTX 3090 reports that the vehicle has achieved successful results in the cards.

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