Sony, as you know VR device released for PlayStation 4 with the positive reviews of the actors. Last month, Sony, the next generation console Also a VR device for PlayStation 5 had announced. The first game of the new device has also appeared in the past hours.

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Before everything It is worth noting that. This game, The first game to come out. So it is not clear whether it will be the first game to be released. Also Sony must Prepare a few games for the new VR device and it will make it accessible at the exit of the device.

For earlier PC Pavlov VR that developed the game Vankrupt Games‘s CEO, via his personal Twitter account new games made some explanations for. Shooter game called Pavlov Shack for now The first announced game of the next generation PS VR. This game is also Oculus will also exit for. Even Oculus owners and new generation PS VR owners cross-play support thanks to be able to play together. Pavlov Shack currently located Will not exit for PS VR device Let’s also specify.

Unfortunately Vankrupt Dave “davevillz” Villarreal, the CEO of Vankrupt Games. did not share any details about the game. Likewise, the release date is not known, it is a new generation. PS VR device release date also not clear.

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