Richard Branson’s famous space company Virgin Galactic introduced the next generation spaceship. It has been announced that the new ship named VSS Imagine, the third generation space tourism ship of the company, will begin its first tests next summer.

VSS Imagine will offer more sustainable performance and more frequent fly capability than Virgin Galactic’s previous spaceship, VSS Unity. “Imagine, a SpaceShip III class gamie, offers much more than its beautiful appearance. Imagine best represents Virgin Galactic’s growing fleet of spaceships,” said Richard Branson. used the expressions.

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“Great successes and products that change the world all start with a small idea. Our greatest hope is that those who travel to space with Imagine will return to Earth with brand new ideas and fresh perspectives and bring positive changes to our planet,” says Branson. He spoke in the form.

VSS Imagine is capable of sub-orbit eight people, two pilots and six passengers. Imagine is transported into space by plane, just like its predecessor VSS Unity. After the plane reaches a height of about 15 kilometers, Imagine will leave the plane and reach the lower orbit with its own engines.

Tourists who fly into space on Virgin Galactic’s planes will have the opportunity to watch the Earth from an altitude of about 110 kilometers. Tourists are scheduled to return to Earth after spending 6 minutes in a gravity-free environment. In other words, there will not be a situation of orbiting the Earth as in the International Space Station, the adventure of Virgin Galactic tourists will be short.

Virgin Galactic is expected to begin its first official tourism assignments in 2022. The company said that more than 600 people, including famous names, have already booked a place on the spacecraft. The first missions will be done with the VSS Unity tool.


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