As gamers know Microsoft, in the past weeks Bethesda he bought. Microsoft, which has signed one of the biggest events of the game world in the recent period, is on the official Twitter page of Xbox. raffle launched.

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In the lottery starting from Xbox’s global Twitter account, one lucky player you can see in the Twitter post below He will win a safe with 7 different controllers. In short, you will win the box and controllers you see in the image. Controllers are inspired by Bethesda’s popular games. The value of the gift $ 400.

The lottery is held all over the world so participation from Turkey available. You can check the countries that can participate in the lottery here. In addition, the lottery participants Being over the age of 18 is required. You can find all the other rules here.

How Can I Participate?

To participate in the raffle, all you have to do is to share the following Xbox Quoting on Twitter to RT and while quoting #BethesdaSweepstakes write. also Xbox’s official Twitter account It is useful to follow. In case you win, you have to follow Xbox so they can message you. Let’s also remind you that your account must be open to the public.

Raffle The deadline is April 16, 2021. To the winner 19 Nisan’da It will be reached via private message. You can find the aforementioned Twitter post below.

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