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The new Apple introduced in 2019 Mac Pro It made a name for itself with its astonomic price and appearance. After the launch, users can change the design of the computer. a giant grater and this situation was a mockery, especially in social media.

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Apple patented technology to detect and prevent battery swelling in iPhones

Apple air flow This design that maximizes and increases durability in other devices also wants to use. Especially iPhone‘in. To the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent his application revealed some important details on this subject.

It is planned to be used in all kinds of devices

In the patent disclosure sphere arrays have pattern three dimensional lattice Its structure is mentioned. As far as we can see, iPhones frames and back panel will be in the form of a cage. The company maximizes the airflow of this design, even under intense operating conditions of the devices. keep them cold thinks it will provide.

The images included in the patent application are Apple’s design iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch It shows that it plans to use it on all kinds of devices, including.

Of course, there is an indication that patent applications will become reality. no guarantee. We will see together in the future whether the giant with Cupertino will carry its grater design to other devices. Let’s see the company courage will he be able to

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