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CPU giant Arm, between ten years then announced a new architecture. Arm v9It includes three major improvements over the Arm V8 architecture introduced in 2011: safer, more efficient in interacting with neural networks, and faster.

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Arm v9, sensitive data It uses the Hidden Computing Architecture (CCA), which protects it using a secure hardware environment. Thus, any application can retrieve data from other programs and the operating system itself. in a protected area able to function.

Scalable Vector Extension 2 (SVE2) technology, machine learning, neural networks, augmented reality and even About 5G It will significantly speed up the processing of tasks. This technology is the fastest supercomputer in the world. FugakuIt is also used in.

Arm v9 based processors will be released this year

Arm authorities will increase the potential CPU performance in the next two generations with the transition to the new architecture. Would increase by 30% states. According to the company, all available software is on Armv9-based processors hassle-free will work. Arm v9 architecture also ray tracing and it will allow the use of variable rate shading technologies.

The company will develop the new Arm v9 architecture over the next decade. smart phone and will be used in all kinds of devices, from laptops to servers From 300 billion believes it will provide a solid foundation for excess chip. Based on Arm v9 first processors It will be released towards the end of this year.

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