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Recently, while the privacy of user data has come to the fore, browser cookies have also become questioned. Google is developing a new system against browser cookies that handle navigation and usage data randomly.

What is FLoC?

FLoC system is preparing to replace third-party cookies in the Chrome browser in the new era. Google has been working on this project for nearly two years, considering it wrong for many browsers to directly block third-party cookies.

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FLoC systems Federated Learning of Cohorts short for. Defining the anonymous grouping of thousands of users who exhibit the same behavior rather than cookies, the FLoC system prevents sites from directly accessing data. Instead, it provides data from groups.

Artificial intelligence-oriented groups present data over their own identity and do not reveal the sites visited by the user. In addition, groups are not formed for visits on political or health issues that are defined as sensitive.

Google has started testing the FLoC system, which will provide a much more efficient data tracking and advertising broadcasts, with restricted groups in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines and USA. It will expand to more countries in the near future, and an option will be available in Chrome settings.

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