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Since last December, the global chip crisisIs now also putting home electronics manufacturers in a difficult position to meet demand, according to US-based electronics maker Whirlpool Corp.

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Chip crisis spreads to almost every industry

Jason Ai, president of Whirlpool, one of the largest white goods companies in the world, said the company fell behind its deliveries by about 10% in March due to the shortage of chip supplies. This rate goes up to 25% in some regions.

While Ai describes the current situation as the ‘perfect storm’, the company is struggling to secure enough microcontrollers, simple processors that power more than half of its product range including microwaves, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Some home electronics manufacturers, with the exception of Whirpool, also stated that they had to slow down some of their production lines and would delay launching new products for several months.

The chip crisis that started seriously in late December was partly due to automakers miscalculation of demand and increased sales of smartphones and laptops due to the pandemic. Later, this situation was further multiplied with the problems in some chip production factories.

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