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The fifth edition of the IEEE ITU Technology Conference, which has become a tradition now, of the IEEE ITU Student Branch, starts on Friday. Specialists in their fields will make presentations on popular technology.

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When is the IEEE ITU Technology Conference?

To be held on 2-3-4 April IEEE ITU Technology ConferencePresentations will be made on subjects such as automotive, finance, brain-machine interfaces, block chain, quantum computers, natural language processing, data science, logistics.

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Where is artificial intelligence going? How do internet infrastructures connecting homes, cities, countries and continents work? What do you need for mobile apps to work properly? What kind of engineering lies behind the cargo vehicle that passes in front of our house every day? What is quantum technology? Answers to such questions will be sought.

Do not miss this event where you can listen to the experts in the field of curious technologies, ask all your questions and expand your network! You can find detailed information, event schedule and registration form at

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