TFI Securities analyst known for his accurate predictions on Apple products Ming-Chi KuoThe Cupertino company’s new smartphone lineup is not the iPhone 12s iPhone 13 He said it would be called.

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Experienced analyst this year iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models He says it will be released. The first three models f/1.6 It will come with a 7P (seven component) wide angle lens with aperture.

Sunny Optical’s lenses are being tested

The 7P wide-angle lens of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is f/1.5 will offer aperture. So that low light will perform a better performance. At the same time, users are better bokeh that will allow it to achieve results.

Ming-Chi Kuo, Sunny Optical He stated that the lenses produced by the company were tested for use in the iPhone 13. Quality control 7P wide-angle lenses for assembly in May if the process is completed successfully LG Innotekwill be sent to.

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