Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming an important part of home cleaning today. However, in continuous use, changing the dust container frequently can create a waste of time. Recently, robot vacuum cleaners that can empty the automatic dust container have come to the fore. Lydsto R1 is one of them.

What does the Lydsto R1 offer?

Lydsto R1 robot vacuum cleaner Thanks to the dust collecting station integrated into the charging station, the model does not require constant cleaning. When the hopper is full, the robot automatically settles into the station and empties the dust. Afterwards, he continues to clean from where he left off. The station transfers the dust it takes to the bag.

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The dust collection channel in the station is 430mm and very short. Thus, dust is quickly drawn and clogging is prevented. Thanks to the motor making 50000 revolutions per minute and the suction power of 30kps, the cleaning rate reaches up to 98 percent.

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The dust bag has a volume of 3 liters. In an average home, it can collect the dust of the robot vacuum cleaner without having to change it for about 1 month. Thus, it offers a more economical and easy solution.

The Lydsto R1 robot itself has a suction power of 2700pa. The robot, which easily pulls dirt such as dust and hair at micro level, also has an integrated mop unit. Thanks to the carpet sensor, the water tank is closed while on the carpet and a more efficient cleaning is performed by increasing the suction power.

Robot vacuum cleaner equipped with high precision laser radar sensors Lysmart V5 Thanks to autonomous positioning and mapping algorithms, it can map the room in milliseconds. It can also detect obstacles quickly.

The 5200mAh capacity battery offers up to 1150 minutes of usage time. Thanks to the smart pause technology, it calculates how much power it needs for the rest of the room when its battery runs out and returns to the station, and when it reaches this power on charge, it automatically starts cleaning again.

The Lydsto R1 robot vacuum cleaner, which has features such as multi-layer mapping, application-based customized cleaning, overcoming 20mm barriers, and smart fall prevention system, has a price tag of 4000 TL.

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