Included in DC’s comic book universe but following a different path on the series side Lucifer of the fifth season of the TV series for the second part a date has been shared. The normally canceled series, as you know, was purchased by Netflix and was still broadcasting.

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All episodes of the fifth season of the series would normally be published last year but due to the epidemic directory only first 8 episodes published. The filming of the remaining episodes was completed at the end of last year, but a release date was not announced. A date was given for the remaining episodes on Netflix’s app recently. But the date deleted shortly after.

Shared May 28, 2021. This date is probably correct because On IMDb The date is given on May 28. For the remaining episodes of the fifth season of the series 8 more episodes will be broadcast.

After the release of the remaining episodes of the fifth season, the series is only one last season will stay. Sequence, will make the final with the sixth season. Season six shootings are currently in progress and there is no release date for him either. All episodes of the series are now You can find it on Netflix.

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