One of the world’s most popular strategy games, published and developed by Feral Interactive. Company of Heroes’ Opposing Fronts expansion pack The release date has been announced for iOS and Android devices.

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Opposing Fronts, IOS and Android again on April 13 will be released for devices. The expansion pack will be purchased in-game from the store and the price will be 4 dollars. You can see the TL equivalent directly in the store in the game. Unfortunately There is no local pricing.

Opposing Fronts expansion pack into the game two new story modes adds to the game. First, It focuses on the British who moved in the city of Caen during the Battle of Normandy. The second is, It focuses on the German Panzer Elite’s attempt to cross the Rhine River to enter Germany. Opposing Fronts also British 2nd Army and Panzer Elite Skirmish Moduadds.

You can find the game’s store pages below. The game itself is now App Store’da 129,99 TL, Google Play’de ise 119,99 TL.

Company of Heroe‪s‬
Company of Heroe‪s‬
Company of Heroe‪s‬

Company of Heroe‪s‬

Feral Interactive Ltd

4 GB

Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes

Feral Interactive

Strategy games

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