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Xioamiintroduced an air humidifier in the event, which lasted for two days in total and introduced its new products. MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro, manages to stand out among its competitors with its affordable price tag and features.

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MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro features and price

Functioning to humidify the air of dry air spaces, MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro is a built-in To 5L water tank and 600mL per hour capable of moisturizing. In this way, it can humidify a room in a very short time.

On the moisturizer YOU ARE Thanks to the screen, users will be able to check the room temperature and the water volume inside the device. The device is used to sterilize the water from bacteria and to make a healthier moisturizing. ultraviolet light uses. The silver ion antibacterial filter element can effectively filter dust and absorb dirt. Thanks to the air drying technology of the filter element, the problem of mold and bacteria reproduction in the filter is reduced. Thanks to these features, the device % 99 It is said to have sterilization and antibacterial rate.

The humidifier can be connected to a smartphone for remote control and operation with other smart products.

MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro, approx. $ 121 will be available with a price tag.

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