Fully wireless headphones are getting more and more popular has become. Search giant Google to Pixel Buds series affordable plans to diversify its product range by adding a model.

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Google may introduce Pixel Buds 2 on October 15

In a new report published, the company Pixel Buds A It is stated that he is working on a cheap wireless headset that will enter the market. The device will continue the design of the second generation Pixel Buds. To be white and green two colours will have the option.

Will lose premium features

Pixel Buds A touch control and will continue to offer features like instant access to Google Assistant. Some, such as real-time translation and adaptive volume adjustment, in the new wireless headset premium we probably won’t see the features.

Recently owned by Google in the American Federal Communications Board (FCC) database GPQY2 A wireless headset with model number appeared. Device dimensions the same as Pixel Buds 2 27 x 20 x 15 mm was listed as.

Pixel Buds A is expected to be announced in the fall. Wireless headset price tag $ 100 will be around.


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