Apple, with the update of iOS 14.5, has some smartphones battery calibration preparing to add the feature. With this move, the Cupertino company recalibrates the battery health reporting system of the iPhone 11 series, battery problems aims to eliminate.

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Feature included in the sixth beta version of iOS 14.5 iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max It will be available for a limited number of devices. Calibration tool some users have encountered in the battery health report system “wrong guess“To troubleshoot the maximum battery capacity and highest performance capability in the devices recalibrate will.

Battery will be replaced free of charge if calibration fails

The error in the battery health report system was unexpected battery drain and highest performance qualification decrease Let’s point out that it can cause problems such as. Apple notes that recalibration of maximum capacity and peak performance capability occurs during normal charge cycles and this process a few weeks says it can take.

When calibration is complete percentage of maximum capacity and the highest performance capability will be updated. Unsuccessful If it happens, a service message will appear in the Settings> Battery> Battery Health menu. After this stage, users can contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider to remove the battery of their smartphones. for free they will be able to change.

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