With the pandemic, wearing masks has now become a part of our lives and a significant challenge has emerged for facial recognition systems in smartphones. Although manufacturers release updates, it can be difficult to detect a masked face. Users also want to disable their facial recognition system. Apple is bringing an alternative to this.

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Apple Watch for hours watchOS 7.4 update has been in beta for a while. In the last beta version, a new change has emerged that will affect iPhone users. IPhone can now be unlocked with Apple Watch while wearing a mask.

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In the new change, if the user is using a face mask, the iPhone detects this while scanning the face and scans whether the user is wearing an Apple Watch. If it does, it automatically unlocks it. For example, in areas where a face mask is mandatory, such as the market, the feature will work very well. Again, except for COVID-19, users will not need to enter face recognition or password to unlock in work areas where masks or helmets are worn.

watchOS 7.4 version includes innovations such as the compatibility of the Fitness + application with AirPlay. To unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, iOS 14.5 must be installed. New updates will be available to Apple devices during the month.


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