The recent crisis has once again demonstrated how important chip production is. The magnitude and difficulty of the issue is that TSMC has to incur $ 2.5 billion in costs even to increase production by a certain amount. India wants to take the first step at least.

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India the government has been investing in increasing electronics production in the country for a long time. Apple has started producing many of its important products in facilities in the country and will increase further due to China’s troubles. The country has become the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturing center after China.

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India In addition, it wants to have a say in chip production. As part of the Make in India initiative, the Modi government opened up the pouch. Approximately $ 1 billion in investment support was promised to the companies that will establish chip production plants in the country. The chips to be produced will be in the safe class and will be included in many electronic devices.

Under what conditions and how this support will be provided, the details have not been determined yet. The government wants to shape its plan, taking advantage of the feedback from industry giants. The current situation in China will probably make India’s offer attractive.

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