As you know, Netflix can continue the series by purchasing the broadcasting rights of other projects, except for the original content it has prepared. For example; When Lucifer was canceled, he bought the broadcast rights and made his new seasons. Now also a bought the broadcasting rights of the film.

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Published in 2019, Rion Johnsondirected by and Daniel Craigstarring detective movie Knives OutBroadcasting rights have been acquired by Netflix. Knives Out tells the story of a detective investigating a homicide. The movie, with its script Oscar’a da aday had happened. Last year the director of the movie announced that he was working on the new movie and now it is clear where the movie will be released.

The first film was produced by Media Rights Capital and Lionsgate had undertaken. Netflix is ​​now in Knives Out second and third the rights of your movies 450 million dollars He made it into Netflix’s original content by buying it for a record price. Also in the lead role of the movie again Daniel Craig It was also stated that it would be.

It was already rumored last year that Daniel Craig would most likely return. In fact, the director is Sherlock, a new Hercule Poirot he thought he could create it. The filming of the second movie in June will start. We hope we can see sequels in at least the first movie quality.

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