Andrzej SapkowskiBased on the novel series of the same name, which is also very popular in the game world. The second season of The Witcher An update has been made for.

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The Witcher season 2 filming resumed

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With the announcement made in the past hours, second season shootings have been completed announced. Now, only the post-shooting processes are left. However, for such a series with intense effects, this stage is also It must be said that it will take a long time.

Yet unfortunately a release date not available, but probably like the first season again It will be published later in the year. Soon we can at least see a detail like a teaser or release date. The second season of the series is again It will be broadcast on Netflix.

Before the second season Vesemir telling the background of your character animenin is expected to be published. In addition, he will tell about 1200 years before the series. The Witcher: Blood Origin Another series called is under development.

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