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Apple‘s proprietary voice assistant Siri is now default as to the female voice It was reported that it will not have. Change, on March 31st iOS 14.5It was made available with the release of the sixth beta version of.

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Default sound can be selected during the setup phase

Therefore, when the latest update is installed on their device by all users, iPhone and iPad independently from the owners during the installation of the device woman or male They will be asked to choose a Siri voice. Previously, voice assistant Siri’s by default Remember speaking in a female voice and change for, after this process to settings had to go.

According to the information from Apple, for the Siri assistant all new added two voices. Real time Thanks to the expressions produced, these speeches sounded. more natural it is stated that they are coming. However, new sounds are only The EnglishLet’s also say that you support. This innovation made by Apple, big technology companies how digital voice assistants are trying to break out of any gender relationship another example shown as.

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