One of the biggest brands in both the DC universe and the comic book world. Batmanpopular comics of Batman: The Long HalloweenThe animated adaptation of was announced last year.

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Jeph Loebwritten by and Tim Saleillustrated by Batman: The Long Halloween series, Christopher NolanA comic book series that inspired the Dark Knight series. The animation announced last year will also be adapted directly from this series and will consist of two parts. Adapting in the past hours voice cast it became clear. It must be said that the staff is really high quality.

  • Batman – Jensen Ackles
  • Catwoman – Naya Rivera
  • Joker – Troy Baker
  • Harvey Dent – Josh Duhamel
  • Alberto – Jack Quaid

Two Face This series, which deals with the emergence story of the character, is currently under construction, apart from Nolan’s Batman movies. The Batman It is said to be the inspiration for his movie. This the first part of summer animation will be published. The second episode will be broadcast in the autumn.

The plot of the comic is as follows: Learning that you can’t trust anyone a costumed hero. A serial killer who uses special days to mark his work. A crime lord trying to hold on to a collapsing empire. A city surrounded by gangsters that has become a haven for freaks. An honest prosecutor trying to hide a horrible secret. Black Knight a dark woman trying to seduce the detective. And a friendship that will fall apart forever.

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