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Lived global chip supply crisis in the middle, one of the industry’s leading companies and Apple’s partner TSMCWhen competitors like Intel look for a bigger piece of the pie, to increase production capacity announced that it is planning to make a large investment in

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According to the report of Bloomberg TSMCwithin three years for research and development of semiconductor technologies and expansion of chip manufacturing capacity 100 billion dollars will invest. TSMC, the world’s largest contract chip manufacturer, Apple, Nvidia, Qualcomm and other giant customers for chips and chips from Taiwanese company’s foundries, from smart phones refrigerators and to cars used in various products.

TSMC is in high demand

TSMC’s statement to Reuters 5G technologies It is stated that it is entering a period of higher growth as it is expected to increase the demand for semiconductor technologies in the next few years. According to the company COVID-19 pandemic accelerates digitalization in all respects. Some companies limited supply While the chip maker TSMC had to shut down production lines due to an unprecedented impact during the global chip crisis affecting many industries, on demand.

Company, worldwide hiring thousands of employees to deal with chip demand and new facilities is building. As a result of this climate, TSMC’s Starting from 2022 It is stated that it will reduce its current prices for a year. Most of TSMC’s activities Taiwan is centered, Chinaseveral factories in and United States of Americafor local customers using mature lithographic technology in small scale one that produces customized products subsidiary exist.

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