Apple, to the medical team has previous experience with healthcare products and technology, including cardiologist calling. The company’s LinkedIn platform job advertisement He shed light on some details on this subject.

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The new hire is Apple’s consumer-focused medical devices It will help bring it to market. One of the most important criteria specified for the position is that the candidate is in the field of cardiology “deep expertise“to have.

Health team will be strengthened

The new staff, who are planned to join Apple’s healthcare team, are involved in clinical product development. engineering and the design will work with their teams. Also complex about medical devices legal regulations will take part in its implementation.

Apple’s currently most popular health-focused device Apple Watchhas biometric tracking Thanks to its features, it has become an important player in the consumer market. The company has expanded its staff in the health department, and has further strengthened its hand in this area. strengthen aims.

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