Epic Games’ new free game that presents games or games every week opened to access and the game that will be given next week has been determined.

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Epic Games’in bu hafta free his game cyberpunk themed point and click türündeki Tales of the Neon Sea. The value of the game 27 TL. From now on 18:00 Turkey time on April 8, 2021 If you add the game from Epic Games to your library, the game will be completely yours. Game free You can reach the page you can get here.

The game that Epic Games will give free of charge next week 3 out of 10: Season Two. This game too 8 Nisan 18.00’dan You can add it to your account for free. You can find the video of the game that will be given this week below.

Introductory Letter

Immersive Expression

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Two games worth 319 TL became free in Epic Store

Investigate the crime scene, study the evidence, and use your inference powers to solve the case piece by piece. Will you see the truth when the curtain of smoke disappears, or will you reveal a bigger secret?

Classic Pixel Art and Detailed Environmental Design

Amazingly detailed retro pixel art, modern atmospheric lighting and gorgeous visual effects bring this unique cyberpunk world to life. Evocative music and sound design creates layers of uncertainty and mystery at every step.

Multiple Successes and Collectables

Many fun and exhilarating achievements await unfold as you explore a rich and detailed background story.
Do you have a collector spirit? You don’t want to miss this.

Rich and Diverse Puzzle Design

Puzzles that will challenge logic, observational skills and patience. These challenges skillfully combine elements of narrative and environment designed to enhance his journey through the bizarre and moving world.

Can You Play as a Cat? Of course!

Do you feel alone in this bizarre adventure? Check out his special “assistant”: Black cat William. William can dive deep into places our detective cannot reach and is often very helpful in finding and obtaining important evidence!

Curious Dystopic World

What would it look like if he was the god of robots? But would they betray us if they had the same rights as humans? What happens to life when the boundaries between man and machine disappear?
All the answers are in this eccentric cyberpunk world …

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