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Huawei released its 2020 report yesterday and US sanctions and coronavirus by 3.8% despite the epidemic For $ 136.7 billionincreased by 3.2% in net For $ 9.9 billion announced that it was rising.

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Most downloaded apps announced: TikTok is no longer on top

Huawei Vice President Hu Houkun At the press conference he held, Huawei Mobile Servicestransformed into a huge and popular mobile application ecosystem in 2020 and third in the world He said it was included.

According to official statistics, At the end of 2020 Huawei Mobile Services worldwide 2.3 million had a registered developer and their approximate 2 million It is located in China. At the same time, the number of developers and Consequently the number of applications is also continuous is increasing.

HarmonyOS updates are starting

In addition, the company developed HarmonyOS operating system More than 20 hardware solution manufacturer and 280 implementation partnersin cooperation with successful It was also stated that somehow it worked.

Huawei manager also Chinese technology giant in the coming days HarmonyOS supported confirmed that it plans to introduce smartphones. Engagement the company since, before released mobile devices to the HarmonyOS operating system gradually will start updating.

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