Huawei introduced and prepared to launch towards the end of last year. Huawei Sound its smart speaker was delayed due to embargo issues. The product, which was immediately released in China, was able to find a place in Europe only this week.

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Huawei and Devialet the product of the collaboration Huawei Sound; It uses an acoustic structure with 4 speakers. Inside, there are 4 inch woofers and 3 full size speakers. Devialet’s patented SAM technology has taken its place in this model. SAM technology detects the quality of the sound and ensures that the speakers are optimized accordingly. Push-Push symmetrical acoustic design prevents vibration noise.

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On the other hand, the special technology that can transfer sound when you touch the speaker with your compatible mobile device has not been forgotten. It can also apply richer sound effects when there is more than one speaker. Although it is smaller than last year’s Sound X speaker, it can sound much more powerful.

The Huawei Sound smart speaker will be available first in the UK and then in Europe with a price tag of 199 Pounds. It is stated that there will be a discount of 50 pounds for the first weeks.

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