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Earlier this year, LGfrom the mobile phone market going out It was reported that he thought, but the Korean giant denied this report. It was later revealed that the company was considering selling its mobile division, and then, with potential buyers talks failed and instead the mobile partition will be closed A new report was published saying.

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Many new products will not be launched

Kore TimesAccording to the news published by LG next week may announce that it will exit the smartphone market. In the report, especially the fate of the announcement, the loss-making arm of the company Board of Directors after decided by Monday, April 5 It is stated that the day will be done. In LG’s mobile division 4,000 workers to Changwon home appliance factory transfer It was claimed.

A possible LG close the mobile partition After its development, with an extraordinary design LG Rollable models previously announced at CES 2021, including smartphones to commercial product cannot be transformed and incomplete will stay. Leaked information LG Wingis the manufacturer’s last smartphone product and LG Stylo 7 ‘on the other hand, the chance of being launched on the market is very low.

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