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Big to be released later this year Windows 10 update, in the operating system driver problem will also address. As you know, the drivers are compatible with the hardware components of Windows 10 in your computer. Contact It is extremely important files that enable it to install.

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However, critical system failures, especially of third-party drivers, conflicts and it is a fact that they can cause performance problems. Microsoft codenamed Sun Valley, which will be available this fall Windows 10 21H2 With the update, it will take an important step in this regard.

Although keeping the drivers up-to-date is very important for your computer to work properly, installing the wrong or problematic driver, as we have just mentioned. blue screen faults and performance drops can lead. Software giant now third party drivers in another folder isolated will.

Will improve system stability

Currently all drivers in Windows 10 C:WindowsSystem32DriverStore folder in the very heart of the operating system. Along with local drives in this system folder which is extremely important third party drivers storage can cause some problems.

That will change with the next major update, codenamed Sun Valley. Third party drivers C:WindowsOEMDRIVERS will be kept in a separate folder located in the location. Microsoft is currently unleashing this change in one of the Windows 10 21H2 preview versions available to Insider Program members. implemented case.

Your third party drivers from local drives isolate in a separate folder, system stability blue screen errors and crashes expected to decrease. At the same time, users who do regular driver updates performance increase It is also a matter of providing.

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