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scientists from frogs using stem cells to heal themselves and to memory function they created living robots with Taking its name from the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) “Xenobot“of micro robots exhibited last year modernize It comes across as a version of it.

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The new Xenobots are just like their predecessors, individually or together ability to move capable. However, the new version faster as it does, it can record information about its longevity and its environment. Researchers suggest that future micro robot models diseases to detect specific parts of the human body that you can send medicine and believes it can clean microplastics in the ocean.

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Biologists from Tufts University (USA) tell amphibian eggs RNA microinjection they did, and a day later they removed the membrane of the eggs. Later stem cells from the frog embryo tissue samples they took them and placed them in an artificial environment. Next providing movement short hairs (lashes) occurred.

New version has molecular memory

Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Vermont computer algorithm simulating the behavior of various Xenobot forms through which at collecting residue determined that it was better. The new Xenobots will be more than their predecessors in this mission, the researchers said. much better concluded that it was.

The team also micro robotsusually glowing green but emitting red when exposed to blue at 390 nm wavelength EosFP He equipped it with a basic memory function using a fluorescent reporter protein named.

Scientists this of molecular memory radioactive contamination of such micro robots in the future, chemical pollutants or in the human body disease states he thinks it can be used to detect and record its existence.

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