One of the popular and popular productions of the game world The Last of UsAs you know, a series of adaptations are coming. In the past hours from the series making process An update has been made regarding.

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According to CBC’s report, the filming of The Last of Us will begin in July 2021. Shots as reported by the Directors Guild of Canada Calgary of Canada on July 5 and shooting in a city named On June 8, 2022 will end. This date is actually an extremely long history. Extra time may have been written for additional shots or Pedro PascalDue to the busy schedule of the company, the shooting will not continue and will be paused several times.

Sequence, the story of the first game It will tell and include some differences from the game. Release date not officially announced but based on shooting dates At the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 We can assume that it will be published.

The production and scriptwriting of the series, Naughty Dogcreative director of Neil Druckmann and Chernobyl series creator Craig Mazin will undertake it together. In the lead roles Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey has. The music of the series and the soundtrack of the game Gustavo Santaolalla will make. Sequence, HBO ‘will also be published. If the series is directed by Tesnota and Dylda who have directed productions such as Kantemir Balagov will undertake.

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