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Clubhouse The popularity of its app has forced tech companies to create alternatives to keep users connected to their platforms. One of them Twitterits own Clubhouse rival Spacesintroduced on Android and iOS. Now it is preparing to bring it to the desktop.

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It is not clear when it will be available

Twitter’s Spaces for a web version He was said to be working on it. As reported by The Verge, the company has started testing how this feature will appear on the desktop. If a developer, Spaces is on the web. how it might look published some designs. Shared Twitter Spaces for web section, as per screenshot with your cell phone it will look the same.

Twitter’s Spaces feature also on desktop version on mobile devices expected to work as it is. Remember if necessaryTwitter Spaces in real time voice conversations, response emojis, the ability to share Tweets, automatic captions and Even more offers. At the same time, including the host 11 persons the desktop version of Spaces allowed to speak, on what date will be available There is no definite information on the subject yet.

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