Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) shared up-to-date data for March 2021. In the light of these data, we have compiled for you the brands that sell the most cars both in March and in the first quarter of the year.

Accordingly, in March, when some brands had to suspend production due to the chip crisis, Volkswagen was at the top with 9,440 car sales. The German brand was followed by the French brand Renault with 9,024 units, while Fiat ranked third with the sales of 8,781 cars. The top 10 on this subject are as follows:

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Brand 2021-March automobile sales (units)
Volkswagen 9440
Renault 9024
Fiat 8781
Toyota 8460
Skoda 5204
Dacia 3540
Peugeot 3485
Opel 3148
Hyundai 3122
Citroen 2988

When we look at the sales in March as the total of automobiles and light commercial vehicles, Fiat takes the lead. Volkswagen, which sold 12,483 units, is followed by Volkswagen with 10,950 units, while Ford, which we are used to seeing as the partner of the summit or the summit, takes the third place with 9,973 units. The top 10 in March automobile and light commercial vehicle sales are as follows:

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Brand 2021-March automobile + light commercial sales (units)
Fiat 12483
Volkswage 10950
Ford 9973
Renault 9887
Toyota 9455
Skoda 5204
Peugeot 4803
Dacia 4312
Opel 3676
Citroen 3590

Let’s get to the sales in the first quarter of 2021 (January-March). When we look at the automobile sales in the said period, we see the leadership of Fiat with 19,323 units. Volkswagen is one of the names close to the top with 17,808 units in the list where Renault is in second place with 18,630 units. Toyota, on the other hand, took the fourth place with 16,336 units.

Brand Automobile sales in January-March 2021 (units)
Fiat 19323
Renault 18630
Volkswagen 17808
Toyota 16336
Skoda 9842
Peugeot 8904
Dacia 6547
Opel 6528
Honda 6087
Hyundai 5975

Fiat is also at the top in total sales of automobiles and light commercial vehicles in the January-March period of 2021. Volkswagen, on the other hand, took the second place from Renault with sales of 21,259 units. The French brand took third place by a small margin, while Ford came fourth with 19,915 units.

Brand 2021 January-March automobile + light commercial (units)
Fiat 28460
Volkswagen 21259
Renault 20111
Ford 19915
Toyota 17631
Peugeot 11410
Skoda 9842
Dacia 8737
Opel 7702
Citroen 7290

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