As you know Xbox Series ve PlayStation 5In the game world with the release of a new generation has started. As in every generation, there is a question mark in the minds of those who want to buy a console in this generation.

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For those who are curious about your preferences and other people’s preferences, to learn the answer, We started a survey. Don’t forget to mark what or what your preference will be in this generation in the survey section below. As you know, many people have not yet reached their choice due to stock problems.

Your options positive and negative Obviously, it is necessary to examine the sides.

  • PlayStation 5‘Ta although apart from a nice private game, though unfortunately due to the exchange rate in Turkey is quite expensive games.
  • Xbox Series XOf course, the most positive side is Xbox Game Pass. You can access a large library for a very affordable price per month, and these games will increase much more in the future. The downside is that at least for now there is no private game.
  • PC When we look at the side, we can see that it is a bit more expensive to build a proper PC than the new generation consoles. However, the fact that both the access to Game Pass from the PC and the game prices on Epic Games and Steam are more affordable than on the console, is undoubtedly the prominent part of the PC.
  • Nintendo Switch Although it is not from this generation, it still continues on its way confidently. It leaves all this competition and continues on its way with its own audience, but still has a very important place in this game world. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make the Switch as a side console due to the prices in our country. That’s why we added Switch to the survey.
  • Xbox Series S draws attention with its more affordable price compared to the new generation consoles. Again, the fact that it has a system like Game Pass and that it can play new generation games is the point that attracts the attention of the players. However, the fact that it has a small place as a storage area and whether it is capable of playing games in the future is worrying.
  • PlayStation 5 Digital The PlayStation 5 is exactly the same in terms of features, but only with no disc input. Of course, about 1500 TL is sold at a more affordable price.

Which one was or will be your preference in this generation?

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