If we look at the latest chips, Intel 4 Willow Cove mobile processors He plans to speed it up a bit before his brothers arrive.

Tiger Lake-H35 processors accelerating before Tiger Lake-H arrived

Scheduled for the end of this year, Core i7-11390H and Core i5-11320H stand out with increased base / peak frequency compared to existing solutions. 100 MHz at base frequency and 300 MHz increments in peak frequency (all core) While the Core i7-11390H moved from the 3.3-4.3 GHz range of the i7-11375H to the 3.4-4.6 GHz range, it enabled the Core i5-11320H to operate in the 3.2-4.3 GHz range.

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12-28 watt In the i7-1195G7 positioned in the Tiger Lake-UP3 family with thermal design power in the range of 100 MHz base frequency drop Although it attracts attention, besides the peak frequency reached with all cores in integrated graphics unit improvement is expected.


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