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Want to provide users with better experiences and add new features to the platform Pinterestis a photo video editing application VSCOIt is reported that he is in negotiations to buy.

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Pinterest is experiencing rapid growth with the pandemic

Two people who are knowledgeable on the subject New York TimesNeither Pinterest nor VSCO wanted to make any statements about the talks brought to the agenda with their statements to Speaking to the NYT, the people said that the negotiations are continuing.

VSCO spokesperson Julie Inouye said nothing about Pinterest and stated that the company is focusing on expanding its business: “In the creative field, we always meet with different companies at any given time and do not discuss rumors or speculation.” said.

Pinterest has grown rapidly thanks to the pandemic. The company stated that, with 100 million new users added to the platform in 2020, they reached approximately 460 million monthly active users worldwide. Pinterest has a market value of about $ 49 billion, according to the Times, and experts estimate the company’s total revenues.

While Pinterest, which experts predict will grow by more than 48% in 2021, has a market value of about $ 49 billion, VSCO has finally reached a value of $ 550 million thanks to the $ 90 million fund it has recently provided.

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