First in 2016 Google Pixel since the launch of the phones, the company has Qualcomm It was using chipsets, but that seems to change. 9to5Google According to a report released by Google’s upcoming flagship phone, Pixel 6 will be powered by a Google-made chipset.

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In April last year, Google’s ‘for Pixel smartphones and Chromebooks’Whitechapelto design your own chip named ‘code-named’ SamsungIt was reported to be working with. A new report based on Google documentation indicates that Pixel phones due to launch this fall this year will be powered by the Whitechapel platform.

According to reports, Google internally ‘s chip’GS101‘he calls it. Also here are the letters GS Google SiliconIt is thought to represent. Another codename highlighted in the report is that 9to5Google believes to be a shared platform for the first Whitechapel chip.Slider“home.

The first phones to be built on the Slider platform are expected to have the code names Raven and Oriole. Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a It is thought to be.

Qualcomm’s flagship chipset Snapdragon 865, which was launched last year, required a separate 5G modem. This caused an increase in costs for producers and therefore consumers. Google, on the other hand, included the Snapdragon 765 chipset for Pixel 5 instead of using flagship Qualcomm processors. The company is developing its own chip to offer more affordable flagship phones to users.

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