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Clash of Clans and Clash RoyaleThe Finnish mobile game company Supercell, behind the creation of, often hides new projects. However, the manufacturer recently announced that the unfinished product in the Clash universe. from three mobile games released a trailer that he mentioned. The developer on the company’s personal blog, for existing players new opportunities He wrote that they presented and expanded the boundaries for a new audience.

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The first game Clash Questwill be a turn-based tactical adventure strategy game in which users send troops to the grid-shaped map to fight opponents. Some characters can attack on their own, but for a stronger effect your warriors they must join forces.

The Clash universe is expanding

Clash Mini In the second game named, users must use classic Clash characters to fight. miniatures they will be able to use. Finally, the third game developed by the company Clash Heroes, Action made in the Diablo style adventure will play. Despite the visual similarities, Supercell none ofin terms of gameplay Clash Royale or Clans‘a that you will not look like explained.

Developer, on the official blog He states that the Clash universe is a unique game system. To enemies from raiding, tearing down towers, villages, arenas and just one game More. Where users can have fun and epic moments magical a world. Therefore, the company is expanding this area with more players. expand wants.

All three games quite early are in a development phase and are likely to change somehow as the project evolves. is high It should be noted. New products beta versions He did not explain when he will be released.

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