Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, crowdfunding platform Youpin to the products it releases through to surprise continues. The company has finally mosquito and other annoying bugs to deal with released a device to help.

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Offered under the Qualitell brand mosquito killera rocket resembles. The device with LEDs that emit purple light so that insects to pull succeeds. Grid part of the racket live flying insects die when they come into contact with this part. Of course people are against electric shock. will protect some security measures have also been considered.

Can also be hung on the wall

On the metal grid part to the human body There is no current strong enough to harm, only enough voltage to eliminate flies and mosquitoes. In addition, in case of accidental contact, extra layers of protection available. But still two protective net to this part between layer intact wanted. It is also recommended to keep it away from children and pets.

The device is thanks to a special mounting apparatus. to Wall can also be hung. However 2.000 mAh Note that it contains a battery and is charged via the USB Type-C port. On the racket charge level There is also a small screen that you can see. The price tag of the device $ 14.

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