Of the GPU giant The mining-focused cards, which he announced as a solution to the graphics card stock shortage, started to set out for crypto money farms.

CMP HX series cards that Nvidia originally targeted for the first quarter of the year delayed albeit started. However Prohibitions on cryptocurrency mining farms in China was put into effect.

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Cheap electricity miners gathered together

Essential for mining in the world 65% of electricity is spent predicted China earlier because of its cheap electricity miners preferred to farm It was at the top of the regions. After the ban imposed by the management scattered to neighboring countries miners apparently still Keep digging in china works.

Hong Kong management caught in the customs process 300 x Nvidia CMP 30HX the video card is an indication of this. Images shared cards GTX 1660 Super same GPU as, TU116 It hosts 1408 CUDA cores while using it.

6 GB GDDR6 While memory models cannot output images, they can be flashed and used later. to any player card will not be converted.

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Produced in the last phase of the previous miner crisis Based on GTX 1060 from miner cards video outputs on the motherboard Although the game is played by viewing the image on it, Nvidia quickly had prevented.


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