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App Store5 people who were victims of a fake application uploaded to 1.6 million dollars bitcoin lost. The user named Phillipe Christodoulou became the person who lost the most money compared to other users with 600 thousand dollars.

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Bitcoin fraud through fake application

A company that specializes in creating hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies SafeThe fraudsters who made a fake application of Apple passed Apple’s checks and made their applications appear in the App Store. Christodoulou and four other people who had accounts on Trezor searched the name of the platform on the App Store and came across an application with the same name and the same logo. Users downloaded the app, entered their account information into the app, and became victims of scammers. In the incident that took place in January, users were defrauded for $ 1.6 million at the time.

Christodoulou: “They betrayed my trust in them. Apple doesn’t deserve to get away with it.” said. Applesaid that the fake Trezor app uses the Trezor logo and colors, but it’s a cryptography app that stores passwords.

Trezor warned its users that they do not have any mobile applications and stated that they should not use fake applications.

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