Technology giant Apple, which has invested heavily in the renewable energy sector, announced that it will work with Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, for the renewable energy storage facility it will establish in the state of California, USA. Apple announced on Wednesday 240 MWh storage capacity The facility in question will be installed next to the company’s California Flats Solar Power Plant in the same area.

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Apple, which wants to enter 2030 with zero carbon footprint, will use Tesla-produced Megapack batteries for its facility, which will play an important role in achieving this goal. Company, Tesla It will buy 85 batteries from the announced in 2019.

It is stated that the lithium-ion batteries that will also feed the Cupertino-based Apple’s main center will be able to provide a daily energy of approximately 7 thousand houses with 240 MWh of storage capacity.

Located in the Monterey County area of ​​California California Flats Solar Power Plant with a capacity of 130 MW meets the energy needs of all facilities of the company in the state. meets.

Apple had entered the solar industry by acquiring SolarCity. Apple paid $ 2.6 billion for the purchase in question. Let us remind you that the contribution of the energy production and storage department to the company’s turnover in 2020 is around 6%.


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