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A research team conducting studies on robotics has developed a robot that can detect and catch objects that are left behind and cannot be found. WITH developed by researchers RF-Grasp called the robot, uses radio waves to detect objects.

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Unlike visible light and infrared, RF (radio frequency) signals can pass behind cardboard boxes, walls, plastic covers and tinted glass to detect objects with RFID tags attached.

RF-Grasp uses both a camera and an RFID reader to locate an object and then capture it. The RF-Grasp has a handle and a grab handle. There is a camera on the wrist of the robot. The RFID reader stands independent of the robot and transfers the tracking information to the robot’s control algorithm. Thus, the robot constantly collects both RF tracking data and visual data of its surroundings. Thanks to these two complementary systems, RF-Grasp is able to locate and capture hidden objects on its own.

Compared to a similar robot equipped with only a camera, RF Grasp can detect and capture the target object with about half the motion, according to the researchers.

The team says that this robot they built could revolutionize the world of e-commerce as it could help find packages and items that might not be easily noticed in warehouses in the future.

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