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Justin Sun, one of the indispensable ones of the crypto money market with the Tron blockchain; In recent weeks, it has climbed to the top with its own crypto coins reaching an all-time high in succession.

Who is Justin Sun?

Born in 1990 Justin Sun He improved himself on the stock market and became the cover of China’s Yazhou Zhoukan magazine at the age of 21 with his initiatives. At the age of 24, he was elected Global Youth Leader at the Davos Summit.

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Justin Sun, who has a high entrepreneurial intelligence, met the crypto world with Ripple’s representation of the Chinese office. In 2017, he started a new project called TRON on the Ethereum network. Targeting the entertainment world, TRX attracted great attention and Justin Sun earned approximately 63 million Euros.

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After that TRON With the launch of the Sun’s smart contracts, which started its network, TRX spread to a wide audience. Numerous projects have been developed on the network and it has become one of the most important blockchains. It was a great advantage that the transfer fee was 1 TRX.

Sun, of course, was not satisfied with that. BitTorrent purchasing the platform, Sun developed the exclusive BTT token and distributed it free of charge to TRX holders. After adding Steemit, a large crypto currency forum, to its staff, Sun then distributed the Hive token to Steem holders.

Meanwhile, the famous entrepreneur who developed the Wink coin also released JUST and SUN coins bearing his name. It created the USDT money on the network and made it available under the name TRON USDT. So he built a huge ecosystem.

Jack Ma offered the greatest support in his disputes with the Chinese government, while Binance founder Chenpeng Zhao played a major role in the adoption of the new tokens. So all the doors in front of Sun were opened.

Since mid-March, cryptocurrencies specific to Justin Sun have been in a big boom. TRX pushed the 11 cents level today and its market value has risen to $ 7.3 billion. BTT reached its highest value, reaching 0.78 cents and reaching a market value of 7.3 billion dollars. The WINK unit is 0.14 cents and the JUST unit is at their highest value with 15 cents. The HIVE unit was 90 cents and the SUN unit reached its top again with $ 42. Only the STEEM unit is still lagging behind its previous peak.

With the ups and downs, the market value of the Justin Sun ecosystem reached $ 16 billion. In addition to these, it is stated that the TRON USDT unit has a volume of around $ 1 billion. Also, one of the important stock exchanges, Poloniex belongs to Sun.

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