The indie game industry became very popular in the 2010s and we saw many successful games during this period. Some developers even inspired big companies or they got a good return in terms of money with their first games and they developed and presented. Now, we were able to distract a little further from the classic AAA games we are used to. The game we will recommend today is also a very different game that you can try on the mobile side. Blind Drive.

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The arcade car driving game Blind Drive, published and developed by Lo-Fi People, has been released for mobile devices in recent weeks. Blind Drive; comedy and thriller It is a game that includes the elements, your eyes are closed, you try to drive the car by relying on your hearing, instincts and reflexes. The game is completely a game based on soundTherefore, it is useful to play with headphones. At the beginning of the game, you are taught how to play the game in a simple way. According to the sounds you hear It’s a game where you try not to crash by moving your car left or right. There are other mechanics in places, but the main gameplay is to move the car left and right according to the sounds. Therefore, the sounds are very important in the game, and the use of the sounds is really nice. Also, another highlight of the game comedy element. If you have an intermediate level of English I can say that the game is pretty funny.

The game is now App Store’da 36,99 TL, Google Play’de ise 33,99 TL. Unfortunately, the price is expensive in our country due to the exchange rate. But in the discount period or your money to spend a game that I think you should try when it happens. It’s a really different game and fun. You can find the store pages and video of the game below.

Blind Driv‪e‬
Blind Driv‪e‬
Blind Driv‪e‬

Blind Driv‪e‬


351.1 MB

Blind Drive
Blind Drive
Blind Drive

Blind Drive

Lo-Fi People


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