Technology giant Apple’s in the chip head he used in his solutions lately Leaving Intel It was noteworthy that he switched to the processor he developed himself.

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New iMac may come with a bigger screen

Allegedly to your heart Apple M1 The new generation iMacs, which are expected to carry the chip, will be updated in the screen title. As you remember it was previously thinner bezel and free of metal bottom compartment Similar to Pro Display XDR The report that a screen will be used was shared.

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Based on a Twitter user’s post Apple 27’’ will update the option with a bigger screen. This is the same as in Pro Display XDR, considering the previous shares. 32 ” size brings to mind.

Since 2012 In the unchanged iMac, a change will be made after a long time. In addition, it is also on the agenda to offer colorful options similar to the Macs that were first put up for sale.

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