One of the legends of the game world Super Mario also has the distinction of being the most expensive game in history. Of this fun game 1986 a copy purchased in 660 thousand dollars found buyers with prices.

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Forgotten in the drawer

As a reminder, the game In 1985 Let’s point out that it has been launched. The previous world record is another Super Mario belonged to your game and last summer For 114 thousand dollars was sold. According to sources, Super Mario Bros., which was sold for 660 thousand dollars. cartridge excellent case and a closed packing It is stated that it is inside.

According to the Associated Press interesting story there is. Super Mario Bros. cartridge is actually a Christmas gift purchased as but in the drawer was forgotten. The game that lies there from 1986 to the present is thus original packaging passed to its new owner before it even opened. The cartridge of the first person to buy the game, In 2021 It was stated that he found it by chance at the beginning.

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