The US Armed Forces wants to implement to increase the situational awareness of its soldiers, especially in the battlefield, and Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) It came to the signature stage in the program called. Corporation, Microsoft’s mixed reality glasses introduced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) HoloLens 2 platform The base area system will be available to its soldiers under a 10-year contract. If the amount Microsoft will receive for the deal 21.8 billion dollars.

Technology similar to previously used by fighter pilots who want to make it to the use of soldiers serving in ground troops officials have already been in close contact with Microsoft in this area since 2018. Even from the Microsoft wing the deal where the reactions are raised About 50 company employees had requested the cancellation of the cooperation. Employees also wrote a letter on this subject, titled “Use HoloLens for good, not for war.”

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Reinforced for the harsh terrain of Hololens 2 In the process of using a version, soldiers will not only be able to train on the same platform, but also perform exercises and perform their duties on the battlefield. Sensors in IVAS, night vision for soldiers and optical improvements used in thermal or daylight environment will also present. To the user; IVAS will offer direction information, locations of friendly troops, different weapon sight options and face recognition, and will also offer augmented reality scenarios for different training situations.

IVAS, which will record the images taken during the training, will provide the opportunity to make the end of the activity review meetings visually right after the training. For example, in previous tests, it was stated that soldiers could watch images of a mini drone that recorded the training performed in the air on IVAS.

Can connect to cloud-based networks

Approximate with all applications open With an 8-hour battery life, IVAS can operate without the need for any connection, as well as cloud-based in order to obtain more comprehensive data. It will also be able to connect to computing networks. For example, IVAS, which can synchronize with the “bloodhound” system, a company-level cloud network, will be able to update its data with new information. In the following process, Bloodhound will be able to access up-to-date data by connecting to larger networks when access is available.

Stating that it is planned to supply 40 thousand IVAS systems in the first place, the statement made by the authorities within the scope of mixed reality glasses is as follows:

The IVAS program aims to provide staff with advanced situational awareness, information sharing and decision-making opportunities for different scenarios. Microsoft has been in close contact with the US Armed Forces for over two years. During this period, we have been able to develop a product prototype that will enable the personnel to perform their duties in the best way with the understanding of Soldier-Centered Design..”

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