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Apple Shortly before 45th anniversary celebrated. In honor of this, American journalists, in almost half a century of history the worst products of the company prepared an article that they listed.

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Apple has beengroundbreaking product launched. But all of these iPhone and iPadIt is not limited to the ‘s. Of course it fails and products that are terrible was also launched. Macworld the authors stated that they faced difficulties in creating the top 10. Therefore, Apple’s most noticeable failures took place.

Apple Maps described as horrible

The brand’s rare failures between, has a short cable and oddly in a round design USB mouse with third generation iPod Shuffle portable player and eWorld takes place. Any in the list iPhone Let’s not go without mentioning that the model is not included.

Among Apple’s more recent failures butterfly keyboard, Siri Remote ve Apple Maps found a place. Even in its first year, Apple Maps is that it was horribleresponsible for its development Scott Forstall, right after launch he was fired. Among Apple’s other failed products iPod Hi-Fi, AirPods Max smart case, Mac Pro (2013), iPod socks Other products such as.

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