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The fact that it has nearly 3 billion users makes the Facebook network a target of hackers. Especially the high number of people who use their usernames and passwords from other platforms on Facebook also suits the hackers.

Has my Facebook account been stolen?

Facebook This data is stored in a database as it is logged into the account using a username and password. When cyber attackers can access database servers, this information is scattered around.

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Last week Facebook it turned out that the data of 533 million people were stolen. In fact, a bot created on Telegram offers the opportunity to query this data from an illegal database for a certain fee.

Attackers try this login data they obtain through Facebook on other platforms, and if the user has used the same here, the account can be easily captured. In this regard, it is required to use a separate password on each platform.

There are different ways to find out if Facebook users’ login data has been stolen. The most common method is to check your email address by going to Here you can check if your password has also been stolen.

On the other hand, offers a similar service. Finally, the Chrome browser will find leaked scripts in saved passwords and warn its user. When you go to the Settings-Security Control section, you can check your passwords.

Finally, as Facebook has now become an important target, it is recommended that you implement a 2-step verification system in addition to using a different password. The second stage can be activated via SMS, email or a key generation software.

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